2 thoughts on “Meet the New Boss”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyable television. Suits actors give stellar and consistent performances. We r late to the”party” but thrilled to have arrived. The new season starts in a few days. We will record it but won’t watch it until we catch up. The legal cases are certainly interesting but the relationships of the characters are most interesting. Each episode adds new twists. The story lines have drama, comedy, sex, love, mystery, and suspense. The videography of New York is beautiful. I worked in mid town NY for almost 40…

  2. A Winner! I have arrived late to the watching of this television series, but I have now become immersed in the stylized world of big city lawyering. I think the second season was even better than the first as the writers expanded the storylines of some of the central characters and continued to come up with fresh plots that engaged the lawyers’ work. Each season ends with a cliff-hanger, however, I feel as if the fast pacing of this season kept viewers interest at a very high level though every episode…

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