Love is a Battlefield

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3 thoughts on “Love is a Battlefield”

  1. Only if you have nothing else to watch Considering the talent involved in this show it is surprising how poorly acted and written it is turning out to be. I didn’t read the source material of Stephen King’s from which this was drawn so I don’t know if the melodrama is the fault of the original story line or the people who adapted it for TV but whichever it is, it is a big disappointment.The biggest shock is the hammy exaggerated performance of Dean Norris who was so brilliant and nuanced in his complex role in Breaking…

  2. … Season 1 you were hooked and Season 2 didn’t disappoint with its intrigue Season 1 started out a bit weird and slow but by the end of Season 1 you were hooked and Season 2 didn’t disappoint with its intrigue . Season 3 just goes off the weirdness deep end. The plot/storyline is full of holes and dead ends. The characters have become less believable and the show is re-using themes and have been overused in the sci-fi realm. The whole thing feels like a cut-rate “B” movie. You sure don’t get the feeling that there are “thousands” in Chester’s Mill…

  3. You’ll love to hate it! – when sad is funny. They took all the bad actors that never even made it into Heros Season 3, ignored the good ones from Season 1, took the blank stares from Revolution, the relentless killings from Game of Thrones and the action-less unforeseen plot twists of Ex Machina to give you, Under The Dome – where all actors, young and old go for a career ending sayonara to the world of acting. :DWatch it for a good laugh at the absolutely pathetic writing and poor acting. It has just enough of an intriguing…

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