Live Free or Die Hard

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3 thoughts on “Live Free or Die Hard”

  1. So good I am going to go watch it again… Maybe it is because I am a child of the 90’s that this movie gave me all the warm and fuzzies inside. Maybe it is because I just love seeing Kevin Smith being anybody who is not Silent Bob, that this movie made me giggle and laugh like a geek at Comic Con. And just maybe it made me sit on the edge of my seat during the action scenes because I think Bruce Willis would beat Chuck Norris any day of the week.But, most likely the movie is just that good of a movie cause all three of…

  2. Heads up: Only the DVD contains the Unrated Version Just a word of advice. This is a new 2013 Blu-ray / DVD combo set. Even though the description from Amazon said it is rated R, the movie itself on the Blu-ray is actually rated the theatrical PG-13 version. Only the DVD contains the unrated cut of the film so if you are looking for the Unrated Version on Blu-ray, you will not find it here. When I returned the disk to Amazon, I recommended that they should update the product description to avoid other customers from being confused as I was. As…

  3. Its more Die Hard whats not to like? When this one came out everyone was quick to point out how much better the original 3 were but I fail to see how. Not that they were bad, I really enjoy them, but I enjoy this one too. Our hero fights through a bunch of ridiculous action scenes to stop cyber terrorists. Is the action fun, check. Is the dialogue funny and cheesy, check. Do the mean old bad guys get whats coming to them, come on is that really a spoiler? This movie is a lot of fun and far as i’m concerned just as good as its…

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