Linco Lincostore Photo Video Studio Light Kit AM169 – Including 3 Color Backdrops (Black/White/Green) Background Screen

4 x Linco#5310-2 Mini-Cirrus Light Holder
– Smooth Shape to Handle
– Fire-resistant Plastic Socket (E26/E27)

4 x Linco#8806 Zenith 77″” Light Weight Light Stand
– Minimum height:32in.
– Maximum height:77in.

2 x Linco#3012 Photography Studio High Quality White Umbrella Reflector
– Size: diagonal line 32″
– Made of high quality Material

2 x Linco#3402-2N 24″ Photography Studio Pheno Square Silver Umbrella Reflector Softbox
– 2 functions in 1: softbox, reflector (with a diffuser)
– Umbrella-style softbox: Easy to Assamble

4 x 23W Premium Photography Studio Day-Light Light Bulb
– Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent Spiral Bulb
– Regular Srew Bace E26
– 6000 Color Temperature
– 23 Watts (almost equivalent to 100 watts incandescent light bulb)

1 x Linco#4151-4237 Linco Zenith Backdrop Stand Support System
– 77 inches high backdrop stand (3 sections) with bigger and safer footprint
– 78 inches wide Crossbar Support (3 Sections), connected by single action locks, adjustable

1 x Linco#2020-10 Photography Studio Exclusive Premium Carrying Bag for Lighting Kit
– Size: 31x8x7 inches (LxWxH).
– Color: Black.
– Durable Premium 420D Oxford Cloth.
– Water Resistant (not waterproof)
– Designed for storing all light kit accessories.

1 x Linco#GEN0510T Photography Studio Green Screen Backdrop Muslin Background(5×10 Feet)

1 x Linco#WH0510T Photography Studio White Screen Backdrop Muslin Background(5×10 Feet)

1 x Linco#BLK0510T Photography Studio Black Screen Backdrop Muslin Background(5×10 Feet)

3 x Linco OA4295 Backdrop Holders (Backdrop Helper)

Product Features

  • 👉(2) x Pheno Photography Square Studio Photo Silver Umbrella Reflector Softbox
  • 👉(2) x 32″ Photo Studio White Premium Soft Umbrella
  • 👉(1) x All-in-one Carrying Bag – the Whole Kit Can Be Put In
  • 👉(1) x 77″ High 78″ Wide Background Support System + (1) x 5×10 Feet 3 Color Backdrop (Black/White/Green)
  • 👉(4) x 77″ High Zenith Light Stand : Sturdy and Lightweight + (4) x Mini cirrus Light Head

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2 thoughts on “Linco Lincostore Photo Video Studio Light Kit AM169 – Including 3 Color Backdrops (Black/White/Green) Background Screen”

  1. Just About Perfect This was a on the fly purchase as I was looking for a green screen + light set for my youtube videos/twitch streaming. First off, the light stands are very good quality, nothing cheap or flimsy. Very study and reliable. Huge bonus! The lights are very nice and work well. I was sad to see that one bulb broke in transit, but I only needed two bulbs as I was only going to setup 2 of the 4 lights that came in this package. So overall, the lights are very top notch, highly recommendable…

  2. Sent back because of safety concerns.. Electrical connections are low quality.. Not up to electrical codes of the past 25 years.. Thin wires, not polarized plugs, plastic light sockets with only clips for connectors.. Not safe to operate in my opinion.. Especially not safe to use with any bulb that might heat up.. The bulb sockets are only molded PLASTIC.. Look carefully at the pictures where the bulb screws in.. Plastic only.. YIKES!! Normally, there is a grounded metal receiver, and a ceramic insulator.. They included…

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