Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure

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3 thoughts on “Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure”

  1. 6 yr old rates this the best We have all The Land Before Time videos, and I asked the 6 yearold critic which was the best. He said this one, without hesitation,and it is certainly the one that has been played most often. He particularly likes the songs in this one, and I think the concept of being scared (within the safety of the living room, with mum and dad nearby) is very tantalising.Each of the movies has a “message” and while it can be a bit cloying for adult viewers, they do seem to strike a chord…

  2. good for the younger viewers After the fourth edition of these “Land Before Time” videos was released, I started to wonder why they didn’t just make a TV show out of it. Many people will argue that the original is best, and I would have to agree with that too, but enjoying the other videos also depends a lot on age. I agree with another reviewer in that these videos really do work well for children; with the songs and everything, I think the videos from the 2nd one on would probably be almost more enjoyable for the kids…

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