Jackson’s Action Painting/Arty Plays Safari

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3 thoughts on “Jackson’s Action Painting/Arty Plays Safari”

  1. Wonderful show for kids!!! This is an absolutely wonderful show!! My 8 year old grandson and I watch it together and get all kinds of ideas for art projects and have started doing “Arty’s art”, as he calls it. It’s so, so nice to see a show that encourages kids to do other things besides play video games!! Thank you for creating a show that teaches kids to express their own creativity, creating inner peace and happiness!! Keep up the great work for kids Amazon and please continue to renew more seasons of this…

  2. Warning: Will lead to strong desire to do CRAFTS!!! We love this show, and so does our 5 year old….2 summers ago, we discovered this show and she put my crafting supplies to so much use. We have so many “POP UP BOOKS”! Every episode is a gem with 2 creative ideas. Now the show did lead to occasional tears when we, the parents, did not have the energy to go out and buy all the crafting supplies at the drop of the hat…But not enough to take a rating star away..when we talked to her about patience and purchased the products in due time,…

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