2 thoughts on “Into the Wild”

  1. The movie was okay as it was filmed well and the transitions between past and present were done well. However, the story is not that interesting and doesn’t really have enough time spent on Christopher McCandless’ physical struggles. It also embellishes things that are not known. His frequent talking to himself is not known and was most likely done to infer the impact of his childhood experiences. I would have turned off the movie after 20 minutes (well actually I did), After googling…

  2. And again I ask myself why the brightest most promising minds have such a difficult time adapting to the world. Yes, it’s disappointing and corrupt and painful and full of disillusionment. But it’s also filled with beating hearts who believe in the goodness of their fellows who are aching to help us on our journey. Can we just stop and acknowledge how people hurt each other, and then move on to change the outcome on our little star? Do we all have to immolate ourselves on the funeral pyre of…

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