Inkeltech Ring Light – 18 inch 60 W Dimmable LED Ring Light Kit with Stand – Adjustable 3000-6000 K Color Temperature Lighting for Vlog, Makeup, YouTube, Camera, Photo, Video – Control with Remote

1. SONY batteries are NOT included and the ring light has no charging function.
2. Please note, when you use the remote to control the ring light, make sure the knob at back of the light is turned on.
3. The exact types of SONY battery that can be used are:SONY NP-F550/F570/NX5/TRV1/TRV3/3000/517/910/V119/V15/V25/V820E/900E/2000E/320E/520E/720E/820E/618E/250E/VX2100E/PD150P/100P/190P/GV-A700/GV-D800/FD85/FD75/FD81/CCD-SC5/SC55/TR3/FX1E/190P/DCR-TRV9E/46E/49E/66E/67E/87E/98E/110E/120E/130E/210E/310E/317E/TRV33E/NP500/V115/610E/710E/HVR-Z1C/HVR-V1C/FX7E.

Inkeltech 18 inch LED ring light can change color without a color filter, has a porous design for excellent heat dissipation and a remote control. 480 pcs LED beads bring you daytime light and a 360-degrees rotation phone holder for multi-position shooting.

Super easy to setup with only two steps to finish the installation:
1. Unfold the legs of the light stand and adjust to the height you need
2. Attach the ring light to the top of light stand and tighten the screw
More lightweight and portable:
Inkeltech ring light kit is only 4.5 lbs. One bag is included that carries all equipment and is easy to carry and suitable for outdoors.

Internal diameter: 12.4 inches /315 mm
Outer diameter: 20 inches / 455 mm
Thickness: 1.4 inches / 35 mm
Color temperature: 3000-6000 K
Input power: 110 V / 240 V
Output power: 60 W
Adjustment range: Stepless adjustment
Flash index: RA>90
LED beads: 480 pcs

18 in / 46cm LED Ring Light Body ×1
IR Remote Control ×1
Selfie Controller ×1
20-75 in / 50-190 cm Light Stand ×1
Phone/Camera holder ×1
Adapter ×1
Durable Bag ×1
Paper Instruction ×1

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – 12 months extended warranty. Please feel free to contact us at “” if you have any questions!

Product Features

  • INTELLIGENT AND QUICK COLOR CHANGE – Inkeltech Ring Lights are controlled via the IR remote controller or the knob on the stand. Adjust the color temperature from 3000 K to 6000 K easily without using color filters. Achieve cold white light or warm light to hide blemishes and change skin tones quickly and easily. LED SMD design and 480 pcs LED beads on our Ring Light offers more light for your camera photography, live streaming, Facebook Live, beauty makeup, selfies and videos.
  • SELFIE CONTROLLER AND IR REMOTE – Take photos directly with our wireless selfie controller! Change the color temperature (3000-6000 K) and brightness (0%-100%) of the Inkeltech Ring Lights from up to 5 metres away (196 inches) with our IR Remote! You can select between 7 modes of lighting from the IR Remote including (a) Night Light Mode, (b) Warm Light Mode, (c) Cold Light Mode and others! With all these modes, you are bound to find the best light to suit your style.
  • PHONE HOLDER AND LIGHT STAND – Each Inkeltech Ring Light has a rotating (360 degrees) phone holder and a retractable tripod that effortlessly helps you capture different levels of brightness and angles of lighting! The phone holder is suitable for most smartphones including iPhone, Samsung and Huawei (2.5-3.5 in / 65-90 mm wide). The adjustable light stand range is 20-75 in / 50-190 cm. One bag carries the total weight (4.5 lbs) giving a lightweight and portable setup for outdoor shooting!
  • USE INDOORS AND OUTDOORS – Have a great deal of flexibility and power your Inkeltech Ring Light outdoors with batteries (SONY batteries only; not included)! The indicator light on the back of the stand shows your batteries status: (1) The indicator is off when the batteries are fully charged, (2) The indicator will flash red when the batteries will run out soon and (3) The indicator will flash when the batteries are about to run out. Alternatively, power your Ring Light by plugging it in indoors
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES & WARRANTY – Inside of your package, you will receive: LED Ring Light Body (18 in / 46cm) x1, Tripod (20-75 in / 50-190 cm) x1, IR Remote Control x1, Selfie Controller x1, Phone Holder x1, Camera Holder x1, Adapter x1, Durable Travel Bag x1 and paper instructions for quick and easy setup. We also provide 12 months extended warranty. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions! We are happy to help and would appreciate that very much.

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3 thoughts on “Inkeltech Ring Light – 18 inch 60 W Dimmable LED Ring Light Kit with Stand – Adjustable 3000-6000 K Color Temperature Lighting for Vlog, Makeup, YouTube, Camera, Photo, Video – Control with Remote”

  1. Perfect light for my streaming setup I’m really happy with this light.I’ve been working on my perfect streaming and mini-studio for video creation, and finding quality lighting has felt overwhelming.Being able to adjust the brightness and color temperature of the light via the remote is amazing. I use a mix of natural light and lighting tools, so as the day goes on, my natural light changes. This means that I have to find a subtle way to update my lighting, and…

  2. It comes with a …. remote!!! This ring light comes with a REMOTE! A remote!!!!! I did not realize that until i pulled it out the box. This is a really great steal , comes with a twist able camera/phone stand. Comes with the regular travel bag that comes with every light, comes with a stand and of course the show stopper… the remote! Let’s talk about the led lights t , they are very bright. One of the brightest I’ve seen for this price in the market, I am not the biggest fan of…

  3. This makes my phone camera look like a professional camera! This ring light makes my pictures look amazing; the camera quality is significantly better. The light can be very bright or dim, depending on the look you are going for. I included a video showing the quality of the light and how the remotes work and the picture shows how much better the picture turns out when using the light. The remote makes things super easy and already has some settings saved on it. I also love that it comes with a small…

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