In Search of Doc Holliday

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3 thoughts on “In Search of Doc Holliday”

  1. Excellent Video With lots of incidental and little known facts and personal accounts that help “flesh out” the story of Doc Holi Excellent Video about one of Georgia’s Favorite Sons who became an American Legend in his short 36 years on this earth. I own Dr. Roberts’ book and found it a most informative and enjoyable read. I highly recommend the book as well as this video to any and all “Old West History Buffs” along with those who are simply curious about the Legend that was Doc Holliday .I’ve been enamored of the Earps & Holliday for over 50 years and either own, or have read, everything I could lay my…

  2. Veryinformative documentary about an Old West Legend Very informative. Goes into his early life, his family history, and follows him though the dozen or so places he lived. Legend and truth are not always the same. I appreciated this video for not taking any position about him as being good or bad, hero or outlaw, but simply a complex and flawed man who lived an extraordinary life. They pointed out the contradictions in some of the stories about him, and that a lot of claims about what he did and did not do were not known for certain, and…

  3. Good details but amateurish at times I like how it starts fast without the lengthy boring, ultimately redundant preambles that some documentaries have, e.g., Dinesh’s “America” which tells you what you already know for the first 15 minutes with tedious cliches and sentimentality and nothing new brought to the table. This doc on Doc has some key details that your’d never find in the movie “Tombstone” about Doc’s early years and dentistry. But it has some annoying flaws that should have been easy to avoid but were…

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