How to Edit Videos That People Want To Watch

Go beyond what buttons to push on your computer and what trendy effects to use in your videos. Transform your editing with skills that you can apply to any project, no matter what software program you use. Whether you run a video production studio or you’re an independent freelancer, a YouTuber or in-house content creator, this short, easy-to-read and easy-to-apply book will give you the tools you need to assemble your videos quickly and powerfully. Apply these skills whether you’re editing videos for web, social media, corporate businesses or non-profits. Discover why an edit point works or doesn’t, what kinds of edits to use, when to cut your footage to the best advantage, where to use effects and transitions, and how to weave everything together into a compelling story for your audience. Learn how to cut and make videos that keep your viewers engaged and watching until the very last frame.

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2 thoughts on “How to Edit Videos That People Want To Watch”

  1. A book for pros, not beginners! There are very few books out there specifically written about video editing technique and theory, so few in fact that I am pretty convinced I have all of them occupying a shelf on my bookcase. I’m a roughly new editor to the industry (about 3 years experienced). And when I purchased this eBook I just sped through it! It’s an easy read that is an excellent reference tool for any skill level editor who is looking to further advance their skill set. Me having only been in this career for three…

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