Free State of Jones

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3 thoughts on “Free State of Jones”

  1. A Southern Unionist Uprising that crossed racial lines I’d read the books the film is based on by Victoria Bynum and Sally Jenkins & John Stauffer so I knew the story in advance. The thing I wondered about before seeing the movie was – how is it possible to reduce the extraordinary events of Newt Knight’s life into a 2 hour movie? Answer, of course, is you can’t. And that’s the main defect of the movie – it should have been (at least) an 8 part mini-series on HBO.But that’s my only quibble with it. The screenplay (mostly) successful…

  2. A remarkable story and quality acting by Matthew McConaughey If you Google the word “microcosm”, the definition describes the movie Free State of Jones: “a community, place, or situation regarded as encapsulating in miniature the characteristic qualities or features of something much larger.” Jones County, Mississippi becomes representative of the situation throughout the South during and after the Civil War. Matthew McConaughey ought to be Oscar-nominated for this movie, I think. He plays a Confederate soldier turned deserter named Newton Knight,…

  3. As good a historically based film can be with the limitations … As good a historically based film can be with the limitations of a movie. Though I grew up in the states of Louisiana and Missippi and my wife is from the area depicted in the Free State of Jones, I did not learn the real story of Newton Knight until I read the work the movie is based on by Victoria E. Bynum. There have been other works that preceded Bynum’s – Legend of the Black Horn, etc… – but none were free from the biases of ancestors of Knight before hers. McConaughey was a perfect…

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