Free Ride

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2 thoughts on “Free Ride”

  1. Just Your Average Mother Providing for Her Kids…..smuggling drugs….you know…”whatever it takes” Disappointing story…true or otherwise. Woman in an abusive relationship runs away with her 2 girls to Florida sometime in the late 1970’s to clean houses as a means to supporting her 2 children and starting over after leaving her mother’s home in Ohio. She has no work skills apparently and doesn’t know that the friend who encouraged her to come to Florida is involved in drug smuggling. Once she arrives she quickly sees she is in over her head when two of her “co workers” are…

  2. Florida Greed I absolutely love this here film! Based on a true story this movie takes you back to Florida in the 1970s a time when marijuana is illegal all across the land and even as it is banned a ease of use was all around. You could light up a joint real easy and somebody had to supply the pot so it usually came from Columbia or Mexico by way of the Florida shores. This film tracks the real-life journey of a Mom and her two daughters in a day to day struggle with life and dealing pot to survive. Good…

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