Free Fall

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2 thoughts on “Free Fall”

  1. Great on the Second Viewing Having only watched this series when it was first broadcast, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the production has held up over the past ten years. The highly emotional climax to each episode is carefully crafted through plot and sometimes limited character development. What really helps the momentum is the missing commercials. Since many of the breaks were placed during pivotal scenes, I think we always lost some of the energy that the production was developing. With the interruptions…

  2. Ghost Whisperer will have you thinking “what if”… Ghost Whisperer is one of the very best show ever! The story lines and plots, with exception, of course, are actually probable. Jennifer Love Hewitt is an absolute darling, a great actress and she cries beautifully. David Conrad as the perfect husband Jim was so understanding and patient with his wife’s visitors. Any other guy would have run away so fast he would have left skid marks! I have really enjoyed watching and re-watching some of my favorite Ghost Whisperer episodes on AMAZON, or…

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