Forever My Girl

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3 thoughts on “Forever My Girl”

  1. Unrealistic; sends a bad message for those people of faith. The problem with movies like this, is that it says to people of faith that they must forgive and let that person back in their lives. This is not true. You can forgive someone, but that doesn’t mean you have to go back into that relationship that hurt you. I have a sister whose husband cheated on her many years ago. The church people kept telling her that she should forgive her husband and stay with him; that it was the “right” thing to do. I quoted her the scripture that says in the case of…

  2. Way Better Than Nicholas Sparks! Forever My Girl 2? Gosh I wish this movie would’ve been longer! Alex Roe and Jessica Rothe had real chemistry on screen. I wish we could’ve seen more of them together, more of that passion and meaningful dialogue between them, but this movie is more than a romance.It’s about a ‘man child’ at the height of fame returning to the small town that built him, that he turned his back on, and making amends to those he let down.It was heartwarming, emotional, and cute.It reminds me of the 90s…

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