Finding Sources For Florida Arrest Records Searches

Florida Arrest Records are manages by the state’s Criminal Justice Information Services under the Department of Law Enforcement. The arrest files that can be found on the repository are those that were previously submitted by any of the law enforcing agencies such as the police department, the sheriff’s office and he hi-way patrol.

In Florida, arrest files are used for several purposes. The most common reason for accessing such files is to conduct a background check on an individual, may it be your neighbor, relatives, colleagues and friends. This can help one feel at ease about the people they talk to on a daily basis. Employers also check out the records of their people to make sure they have people who can properly do their jobs. Others would use the arrest records to check the history of their fiance to make sure they are marrying a person with a clean record. Checking one’s personal arrest files is recommended in order to make sure that the information contained on the file is true and accurate.

Even if the arrested individual was not convicted, the incident still has to be documented in detail. The information of the arrested individual can be found on the file such as the name, address, age, date of birth. Arrest details of the person are detailed on the file. It would include the place and the date when the person was arrested, dispositions, convictions and sentence implemented for the individual. Additionally, the file would also indicate the physical characteristics of the individual such as the height, weight, color of the eyes and tattoo if there is any. A photo of the individual can also be seen on the file.

One has to file a request form at the office of Florida’s Department of Law Enforcement. One can also download the request form from the official website of the office. Only records that are dated from 1950 are available at the office. Files that have been recorded prior to 1950 can be obtained from the county where the person was arrested. It would cost only $24 to request for a copy of the arrest file. When requesting for the record, one will be required to provide their name, address and age. Fingerprints will also be taken for documentation

There are several methods in retrieving the arrest record of an individual in Florida. One can go directly to the office of the Department of Law Enforcement in the Criminal Justice Information Services. One can also take advantage of third party providers that can do the search for a certain fee. Online retrieval can also be done to make the search a lot easier.

The arrest records in Florida can be obtained online which is more convenient than the usual methods. The request can even be done at home and the results are then displayed within seconds. Paid websites can provide a more accurate search that is ready to use.



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