Editing Digital Video : The Complete Creative and Technical Guide

This title includes CD-ROM with footage you can use to practice editing! It includes: a digital way to cut video; superb solutions to edit your video; for the amateur, turn your family videos into stories; and for the professional, learn to cut your films using the latest digital video tips and tricks. Here, a pair of award-winning professionals share their insights. “Editing Digital Video” explains how to use any tool – from iMovie or Premiere to appliances like Casablanca and Screenplay or professional systems such as Avid, Discreet, Media 100 – to turn your imagination into results fast. This title enables you to quickly acquire the skills you need to: edit commercials, documentaries, feature films, and music videos; work with video, DVD, and Web-based media; and take advantage of proven techniques from the pros. Anyone from amateurs to students to professionals can learn to edit and tell compelling stories using the results-oriented approach in “Editing Digital Video”. Plus, a companion CD-ROM with footage and exercises lets you practice on any system. With clear illustrations and a light touch, “Editing Digital Video” will guide you through the finer points of: navigating the desktop; basic and advanced editing; creating impact; organizing projects; keys, mattes, and layering; titles and effects; audio; digital video formats; postproduction workflow; editing terminology; keyboard shortcuts; and much, much more! With “Editing Digital Video”, you’ll finally unleash your creativity. Learn more in one session than you would from any user manual. This is a refreshingly realistic approach!

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2 thoughts on “Editing Digital Video : The Complete Creative and Technical Guide”

  1. Invaluable Let’s face it, most people doing digital video are self-taught. Sure, there are some who’ve been to film school or have lots of experience with film but of all the DV camera owners, they’re in the minority. The result: hours and hours and hours of weddings, school plays, birthday parties and… well… tripe. This book can help turn that tripe into gold because it covers the black art of editing.Editing is one of those subjects that seems to be hard to teach through a book and, therefore,…

  2. A well-written must-have that won’t disappoint! This is an amazing book that is a must-have for anyone that is in the industry, interested in being in the industry, or just plain interested in the world of digital video. Editing Digital Video by Robert M. Goodman and Patrick McGrath is an exceptionally well-written book that covers techniques in craft and theory about editing that can benefit the novice home video editor to the professional feature film editor. The authors complete the daunting task of covering all of the many different…

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