Edit Better: Hollywood-Tested Strategies for Powerful Video Editing

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Imagine pushing a magic button in your video editing software labeled
“BETTER.” Any project you edit turns out exactly how you planned, every single time. Your audience is absolutely spellbound, wiping tears from their eyes, laughing out loud, or sitting in stunned silence as they see the world in a different way for the first time.

Bad news: that button doesn’t exist. Good news:
EDIT BETTER shows you how to get there anyway.

EDIT BETTER was written for video editors who consider themselves advanced hobbyists or growth-minded professionals, artists who know that the tools of editing matter far less than the knowledge of how to use those tools powerfully. This book does not illuminate the workings of Avid, Final Cut, or Premiere, and is not a meditation on film editing. What it is: a provocative, wide-ranging collection of strategies and tactics for the creative application of TV and video editing, no matter your editing tools.

Author Jeff Bartsch lays out both big picture strategies and practical, boots-on-the-ground tactics for powerful communication. Going far beyond mere button pushing, Jeff good-naturedly blends communication theory, marketing, behavioral psychology, neuroscience, and nuts-and-bolts details of editing application from years of experience in Hollywood, the storytelling capital of the world.

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3 thoughts on “Edit Better: Hollywood-Tested Strategies for Powerful Video Editing”

  1. This book plugs a much needed gap There is a gap between what is taught in many media/communications departments of universities across the country and what knowledge is needed to shoot/edit video in the real world. This book fills that gap and should be required reading for anyone coming out of school looking to get into the video field. In this book, Jeff shares “road tested” editing concepts and ideas in an easy-to-digest format that covers everything from the importance of pre-planning, to structure, transitions,…

  2. A fantastic look at approaching non-linear editing for hobbyists and longtime pros alike! Edit Better is a fantastic ‘best practices’ book for people beginning in the world of editing, or for experienced professionals looking at a new way to approach the creative process with renewed creativity. Edit Better takes a philosophical and practical approach to the skill.I bought the book on sale, but I feel strongly enough about it’s approachable look at the fundamentals of editing, cutting new media, and the role of an editor in the creative process, that I’m about to buy…

  3. A valuable resource that no editor should be without Edit Better is loaded with tons of practical advice to help you become a better editor.The book consists of several “Rules” of editing. Jeff goes through each rule in great detail, explaining the importance of each one and why you should take these rules into consideration. As with all rules, some can be bent and broken, and once you have an understanding of why they work, you will be better equipped to break them for creative effect.I highly recommend this book to…

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