Edge Codes: The Art of Motion Picture Editing

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3 thoughts on “Edge Codes: The Art of Motion Picture Editing”

  1. This film is profound No date on the streaming info, but it did seem dated. The resolution was not good, either, which impacted the great films that were discussed, as they were limited by the definition of the doc. Other than that, it is a fairly dry investigation of the essence, conventions, history, and tech of editing. I enjoy technical things so it was right up my alley but for others, this may not be so. George Lucas was the most famous editor/director interviewed, and while he is often a talking head in…

  2. A Fine Documentary Some other reviewers have commented on the technical aspects of editing being well- or poorly described. But the real impact here is not how the material is being covered, but the implications of the film editor’s manipulation of reality. As you watch, you learn the secrets of visual rhetoric like you’d learn the mechanics of logic itself, all leading very nicely to the questions well posed (and reflected upon) in the summation: “What is truth?” and “How is it being created?”For…

  3. This is a great documentary for anyone interested in behind the scenes knowledge of movies or video. Oddly titled, Edge Codes (a term normally associated with the codes on the edge of film stock that provide the date the film was made) is all about the movie and video technique of editing – how a film is “built” rather than shot. The use of extremely sophisticated, complex and rapid cuts makes this a bit hard on the eyes at times, but it is a showcase for the editor’s technical art as…

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