EDG UX2-2 Wireless system, two lavalier lapel microphone for interview with rechargeable receiver, laptop, dslr(canon, nikon, sony a, lumix), teaching, public speaking, youtube equipment

EDG Sound UX2 represents new technology at the highest quality with affordable price tag. Our system was designed to provide the best results while keeping system very user friendly. Transmitters: 2 wireless transmitters can be used for interview or you can use just 1 transmitter at a time. Unlike cheap brands our transmitters have also ability to change frequency in case of any interference. LCD screen for quick info about Battery life, signal strength, frequency being used Transmitters take 2 AA batteries – alkaline recommended for longer performance. Adjustable gain to account for any background noise or quieter rooms Compact design with very convenient belt clip Receiver: Very small design for easy setup and transportation Internal battery for wide variety of usage – DSLR Camera, Personal amplifier or big PA system USB charging – USB cable included 6.4mm jack with 180 degree angle adjustment for added versatility Receiver also has Gain adjustment which provides user even more control in different enviroments Removable antenna LED indicator Accessories: 6.4mm to 3.5mm jack adapter for use with smaller devices such as DSLR camera USB charging cord for receiver 2x lavalier microphone

Product Features

  • Unique 2 transmitter wireless system for Interviews with 2 or single person
  • Great range 150 feet will provide professional quality and versatile experience
  • Battery powered body pack and rechargeable receiver will ensure you can use it anywhere
  • High quality metal microphones with windscreen
  • Usb cable and 6.4mm jack to 3.5mm jack adapter included

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