2 thoughts on “Doors & Corners”

  1. Pretty good show. Give It a couple episodes to lay the groundwork. It’s worth it. Several years ago I stopped supporting the Syfy channel because they went the way of crappy, low budget and extremely cheesy “Sci fi” programming. They also went with reality tv and the WWE. Mind you this was after they had good series like the reimagined Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Universe and other shows that were thought provoking and edgy. Meanwhile, people like me gravitated to TNT and NBC because they had interesting scifi type shows like Grimm, Falling Skies and…

  2. Recommended unequivocally. I can barely talk about this show without getting worked up into a state of geeky delight. I have never used the word “epic” to describe any media before, but I think it applies here. I would say having read the books probably heightens this reaction; but it’s way more than that. I have read countless descriptions of rail guns in SF, but this is the first time I’ve seen one portrayed visually. So cool! Everything in the world they’ve built for this series, from transparent tablets with…

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