Digital Video For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))

  • Digital media sales represent a growing market in consumer technology; in previous editions, this book has been the top-selling reference for digital video beginners
  • Fully revised and completely focused on consumer digital video users and editors who have little to no experience with the equipment
  • Walks readers through the basics of selecting equipment, installing software and hardware, shooting good video, getting files into a PC, editing, and outputting to the Internet, videotape, or a DVD

CD-ROM includes trial versions of the editing software covered in the book as well as other digital video tools and sample files

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One thought on “Digital Video For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))”

  1. Reviewed by a rank amateur I have my first digital video camera and, for the first time, the option to edit my long and boring captures. While I am very experienced at editing digital photos, this is an entirely new field for me. It seems to me that this “for dummies” version is still too advanced for me. I need one “for complete morons”, apparently. This is a reflection on me, not on the book, which seems to be very thorough.It goes into more detail than I need. I don’t capture video with my phone; I don’t…

  2. I’ve just started flagging chapters about getting started – creating a motorcycle service guide dvd on a Mac with a 2013 version of iMovie.This book is well written, meaning that the author doesn’t waste my limited daily ration of mental-ram, by trying to “weave humor”, or “himself”, into a subject I know nothing about. It’s more on the technical editing side of film-making.I’ve just started reading the book. I’ll have more of an in-depth opinion later…

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