Destination Wedding

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3 thoughts on “Destination Wedding”

  1. Not for everyone, but my wife and I found it hysterical There were moments in this movie where I laughed so hard I couldn’t see straight, and that is damn rare for me. This is not a typical romantic comedy so much as misanthropes thrown together until they grudgingly enjoy each other’s company. This movie isn’t about two people falling into a romance, so much as two hurt, lonely, bitter people re-discovering the hope that romance might actually exist. Keanu Reeves doesn’t make my list of favorite actors, but he is viciously funny throughout this…

  2. Underrated movie – Gets you thinking… This is probably above the heads of the folks who rate the movie poorly. Overall, it’s really well-done, well-carried by the two main stars, and really focuses on them being the only two people in the world–they are kind of “elevated” above all others (in many ways), and it’s fun to see that play out in all aspects of the movie. Really good job writing, directing, and acting, and I’ve never seen a movie pull off what this movie does: it’s only the relationship of the two stars that matter,…

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