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People Loving People

Have you heard of the Good Samaritan? It’s a reference to a story, more of a parable really, in the Bible. The Good Samaritan does things that others did not do. This person was a kind hearted person who did the right thing when people were looking and when no one was looking. It is such a blessing to be able to see people loving and caring for others when it is outside of their way of life. When it is outside of their comfort zone. When it is outside of the norm. It is so, so good, so healthy, so inspiring to hear of stories like that to know that there are good people out there. What a blessing in itself to hear a good story in ancient times and into modern times as well.

There have been programs set into place, to help mirror what the Good Samaritan did. To be able to provide for those who are less fortunate, who can no longer provide or care for themselves… there is hope! Find a place like this here:

Kindly consider giving, helping, donating, or partaking if you or a loved one are in need. Bless you!


Live Your Life and Eat Up!!

Do you think of fine dining when you think about a senior living community? Well, you sure can! Maybe fine dining all of the time is not your style. Maybe you want to have the food prepared for you and you’d like to take it back to your room with you. How does that sound? That may just be the ticket for you! Change it up! Dine with friends, dine-in, dine-out the options are just about endless. Well, endless for as many ways as a meal can be eaten I suppose!

Dining is one of the main topics that come up at senior living communities. What options are there? How much does it cost? Are there different tiers to it? Is there flexibility in the plan? These are all great questions to ask, and you should be asking them along with other questions you have on your mind or of your concern such as allergies, etc. See what has to offer.

Do not shy away from asking, either. Take charge and ask what you feel needs to be asked. Live your life, and eat up!


Independent Senior Living Is Just What You Think It Is

Well now you are doing fine with retirement. You are living it up, taking care of yourself, doing well. You are also wondering what is on the horizon for you. Well, the choice is placed squarely in your hands. Where do you want to live? What do you and your spouse want to do?

Perhaps you are empty nesters and where you live now is not where you want to be forever. The house is large, and the yard is getting more difficult to maintain. Not to mention the stairs as well. You are getting tired of so much space and so much upkeep of the place. Sure you could hire out for some of these chores, but you really do not want to. You want to down-size and live with what you have. So why not move into an independent living community at and receive the care and community love that you need. Independent living in a senior community is just what you think it is: simple, quiet, fun, and designed to fit your needs and wants. It’s the perfect recipe.