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Going Green. Very Green!

An aspect that alternative energy brings to the table would be green jobs. Some may consider this to be an expensive field, but looking ahead the rewards seem to be worth it. Another habit that may hinder someone’s thinking would be his or her resistance to change. This is when an individual simply rejects new ideas before looking at the proposed idea fairly. This change in energy source would definitely be a huge change to our nation, and to get over that hurdle, people should be seeking out more information. Change is not necessarily a bad thing. The old saying comes to mind, “If it is not broken, do not fix it…” well, I believe the old way is broken for it is weakening our planet, and harvesting energy does not have to be that way.

We should remind ourselves to be open to new ideas and to still take them with a grain of salt. Just as in energy it is best to go green, so you should also be thinking and acting upon this for your everyday life. Even for the sake of your animals, say if you have horses, give them the best. Find out how to help your horse(s) at