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A Catering Story

Looking back onto your life story can be pretty inspiring. Have you ever done that? Looked back and been in a sort of amazement on far along you have come? What about looking back with respects to your career, or your business that you built from the ground up? Chances are you will see great progression, likely some trials and low points if you will, but then you will see the victories and triumphant moments.

One story that comes to mind is for the company Handheld Catering that originated in the Bay Area of California. Check out their story in their own words at It is neat to see how they have learned how to adapt to things and created their own path on other matters like how they cook onsite so food is fresh off of the grill–literally!

Be encouraged to look back on your story. See how far you are coming along, or be encouraged to take stronger steps forward doing what you want to do towards your goals.