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Infusion Edge Benefits

The benefits of using a fruit infused water bottle and adding lemon and water as an alkalizer for health and weight loss are great. Lemon also is good for detox. Water infusion is also good for anyone tired of drinking plain old water and find it difficult to drink enough daily. Infused water drinks while on a fitness workout are so much better for you than store bought drinks and sports drinks. Plus they are cheaper!

Tritan by Eastman is a high quality plastic and this bottle is not only tough, but also leak proof. Remove the inner tube of your “Infusion Edge” infused water bottle, then place any small slices of fruit you have such as lemon, strawberries, orange, cucumber and even mint for added flavor. Just use what ever you have on hand in the kitchen. Frozen berries are good too if fruits are out of season.
Take the bottle out of the gift box, then place fruit in it down the tube, that’s it…easy. Once fruit is in the middle infuser tube, you fill with water and allow to stand for a few minutes, or up to a day, can put in fridge overnight if too if preferred.

Those store bought drinks are often loaded with sugars and preservatives too!