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Charleston SC BBQ Tips

To make the barbeque ribs, the ribs need to be cut into small chunks of about four ribs each, and then put into the crock pot for about five or six hours, depending on how well the crock pot works. There should be about a half an inch of water on the bottom, and then the ribs are covered with sauce and put in the pot. More sauce can be added about half way though, but that is not something that will make or break them. When they feel very tender when poked, and they almost fall off the bone, this is when they need to come out of the crock pot and go into the oven. This should be done about ten minutes before dinner time as they won’t take much longer. If you need more info, see: Charleston SC Pig BBQ

At that point, the barbeque ribs are done cooking, but they need some additional help. The oven needs to be set to broil, and the ribs should be removed from the crock pot and put onto a baking sheet. The sauce should then be smothered over them. Once the oven in preheated, the ribs should be put in directly under the coils (if electric) for about five minutes. The sauce just needs a few minutes to start bubbling. When it does, this means they are done. They are easy, and always come out great.