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Does Chocolates Qualify As Desert Item ?

My friend knew that the perfect location to sell her finest chocolates was in downtown. She wanted to include her delicious homemade chocolate as part of desserts that people could buy by the piece or the whole dessert. There are two large banks, two insurance companies and a government center within walking distance of the shop. The space is in a perfect location. It is in the downtown area of a mid sized town. The downtown area had been revitalized over the past five years. The space had been a small coffee shop, but it went out of business when a national chain opened a shop around the corner. There was a large counter area and room for eight to ten small tables by the front window area. This should provide foot traffic along with repeat customers. She showed me the catalogs that she had located to order through.

The selections were unbelievable. This truly included the finest chocolates that are available in the world. The desserts that she is planning to provide are shipped same day to insure freshness. She will keep some on hand and will special order others for her customers. She will sell the candy by weight, so people can buy one piece or a pound. She will feature some of the more unique finest chocolates so people will be able to give them as gifts or buy them for a special occasion. I think she will do well in her new career; she certainly has the passion for it.

Moreover her choice on finest methods of chocolates will lead her to success. People will love her chocolate desert recipes and will flood to her bakery to buy more & more.