Black 22

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3 thoughts on “Black 22”

  1. For Those Yet Unsure What Reviews to Believe… While the show isn’t perfect, there’s a lot to be said of the criticism its been receiving. The Tom Clancy books have never been PG-14, and I respect Amazon’s choice in tuning the show for a mature audience. Because honestly, its an re-imagining of an already complex, mature and technical series of books.To address some criticisms:1. People say that the show has too much nudity and bedroom scenes, but might I remind those who actually have read the books that those weren’t…

  2. Really good show I never read the books so I don’t have a bias. This show was good enough that I binged watched them all and dawn is breaking. I am tired but it was worth it.This was some compelling story telling. Life is complicated, humanity is complicated, sometimes there are no good choices and sometimes good deeds are punished. i felt like the story gave fair play to both sides of the Jihadi vs. the West conflict. The story doesn’t try to justify what they do or what we do it just shows the…

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