Best Editor Video

Product Features

  • – Video to Mp3: turn the soundtrack of your video into an mp3 file. – Video compression: reduce the size of your video. – Quick cut: quickly cut your video. – Video slicing: cut off unnecessary parts of your video.
  • * Video Trimmer: Trim your videos to remove unwanted portions
  • * Video Joiner: Merge multiple video clips into a single video. You can add music as well.
  • * Transcoding video: Convert videos to other formats, change the resolution to make your videos smaller.
  • * Slideshow Maker: Make slideshow from your pictures, add a fade effect and music.
  • * Video & Audio Mixer: Add music to your videos. Set video and music volumes.
  • * Frame Grabber: Extract the video image from the images at any time of your video.
  • * Video Rotation: Rotate videos (fast rotation without encoding or True rotation with encoding)
  • * Remove the middle parts: remove unwanted parts in the middle of your videos. * Add text to your videos * Convert your video files to MP3 audio files
  • * Divide your video files into two separate video clips * Apply video effects such as fading, slow motion, sepia, vignette, vintage * Share your video clips and images on Facebook, Youtube, etc. * Play your video clips * Organize your videos (List, sort, rename, delete

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