Art of the Cut: Conversations with Film and TV Editors

Art of the Cut provides an unprecedented look at the art and technique of contemporary film and television editing. It is a fascinating “virtual roundtable discussion” with more than 50 of the top editors from around the globe. Included in the discussion are the winners of more than a dozen Oscars for Best Editing and the nominees of more than forty, plus numerous Emmy winners and nominees. Together they have over a thousand years of editing experience and have edited more than a thousand movies and TV shows.

Hullfish carefully curated over a hundred hours of interviews, organizing them into topics critical to editors everywhere, generating an extended conversation among colleagues. The discussions provide a broad spectrum of opinions that illustrate both similarities and differences in techniques and artistic approaches. Topics include rhythm, pacing, structure, storytelling and collaboration.

Interviewees include Margaret Sixel (Mad Max: Fury Road), Tom Cross (Whiplash, La La Land), Pietro Scalia (The Martian, JFK), Stephen Mirrione (The Revenant), Ann Coates (Lawrence of Arabia, Murder on the Orient Express), Joe Walker (12 Years a Slave, Sicario), Kelley Dixon (Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead), and many more.

Art of the Cut also includes in-line definitions of editing terminology, with a full glossary and five supplemental web chapters hosted online at This book is a treasure trove of valuable tradecraft for aspiring editors and a prized resource for high-level working professionals. The book’s accessible language and great behind-the-scenes insight makes it a fascinating glimpse into the art of filmmaking for all fans of cinema.


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2 thoughts on “Art of the Cut: Conversations with Film and TV Editors”

  1. Must own book for working professionals and aspiring creatives This book is a treasure trove of practical information on the art and technique of film editing. In addition to the Technique of Film Editing, Eisenstein’s Essays and In the Blink of an Eye this book will have a place of honor on your bookshelf, with an exception: you will find this book getting a lot more wear and tear because it is information you will use day in and day out as you progress in your editing career.Starting with the mindset of setting up and approaching a project…

  2. An amalgam of voices give you a rare opportunity to learn the craft from the very best today If you have read Steve’s interviews at ProVideo Coalition you know this book has a lot to offer. To every lover of the film editing craft, this book will inspire you and leave you with priceless knowledge that you will actually use on the editing room on day to day situations. It has a great arrangement of multiple point of views from the very best of the industry today. Which is a valuable thing if you consider that assistants are not learning that much on their jobs directly from editors…

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