Adobe Premiere Pro CC Keyboard | Backlit PC Windows Edition | Editors Keys Shortcut Keyboard

Well hello, you amazing Premiere Pro editor. You’ve just found your tech soul mate. There are so many shortcuts in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. With the Editors Keys Backlit Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard, you get to see all of the keyboard shortcuts right at your fingertips and also gain the benefit of a backlit keyboard to help you work in dark conditions. The keyboard is super high quality and gives you an enhanced typing and editing experience. All tools are colour grouped which makes it easier for you to find similar tools.

Product Features

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC Backlit Shortcut Keyboard
  • 3 Levels of backlighting, Master Adobe Premiere
  • Over 150 shortcuts for Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Speed up editing by over 40%
  • Designed for Windows

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2 thoughts on “Adobe Premiere Pro CC Keyboard | Backlit PC Windows Edition | Editors Keys Shortcut Keyboard”

  1. ONE FINGER TYPING — “MAYBE” I wrote a review on this keyboard about three weeks after purchasing it that stated it was poorly engineered. It’s now been several months of pain. The weak return springs beneath the short stroke keys make it impossible for anyone who types for a living using all ten fingers, impossible to not get a double or triple strike result on the key, even though you strike it only once. The WEAK SPRINGS for the short stroke (which would be nice if they returned firmly) are simply too much Chinese…

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