Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC – The Missing FAQ (Version 7/2018 Release): Real Answers to Real Questions Asked by Lightroom Users

Bonus! Register your paperback book with the author (details and registration code inside the book – terms apply) to get a year’s complimentary Premium Membership to the Lightroom Queen website. This gives you access to all the eBook formats of this book at no extra cost, email support from Victoria herself, and online book updates for a whole year, so you always have the latest information as new features are added. 

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC – The Missing FAQ is primarily designed as a conversational FAQ-style reference book, giving you the detailed information you need to make informed choices, whether you’ve been using Lightroom for a few months or a few years. No more pressing buttons without understanding the repercussions! 

Unlike most other Lightroom books, this isn’t just the theory of how Lightroom’s supposed to work, but also the workarounds and solutions for the times when it doesn’t behave the way you’d expect. 

For less experienced users, the Fast Track weaves its way through the book, with short tutorials that guide you through a simple workflow, allowing you to gain confidence before diving into the more advanced questions. To get a taste of Victoria’s writing style, download the free Quick Start eBook from the Lightroom Queen website. 

For many years, the Adobe Lightroom – The Missing FAQ books have been among the most popular Lightroom books available. The information is now easier for less experienced users to understand, and easier to find using the comprehensive index. If you’ve read previous versions, don’t worry, all of the advanced information is still there and has been expanded too. 

NOTE – This book covers Lightroom Classic CC (7.x, October 2017 release onwards). Lightroom CC (new cloud-native ecosystem) is covered in a separate book (coming soon).

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3 thoughts on “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC – The Missing FAQ (Version 7/2018 Release): Real Answers to Real Questions Asked by Lightroom Users”

  1. Awesome book for understanding LR classic I have been using LR almost since its inception, you might say I am a professional amateur. LR has been invaluable for me keeping track and understanding photography, I have learned so much from using it. I have read several different books about LR they have all taught me something. However the detail Victoria brings to understanding everything you wanted to know , or what is available that you didn’t know in LR is Awesome. you can find just what you want or look through the overview of…

  2. Clear for a novice I think Lightroom Queen is by far the best resource I have found for Lightroom.What I like best about Victoria Bampton’s Lightroom FAQ books are the clear explanations of process and workflow. As I anticipate a question, she seems to understand my next question and answer it. That means that I can smoothly move through without having to check other places to understand references. She writes about the complexity of Lightroom in a clear way. Writing about complex subjects with…

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