Adobe Photoshop for Underwater Photographers

Using the digital darkroom to perfect underwater images, this guide is loaded with tips on how to finesse, fine-tune, retouch, and enhance underwater film scans and digital images with Adobe Photoshop. This comprehensive look at the required setup for a digital darkroom outlines the necessary hardware, monitor calibration, and room lighting, in addition to providing a survey of the top editing tools and descriptions of the most tried-and-true correction techniques. Step-by-step instructions explain how to group underwater images for editing; approach corrections for images that require a multi-step enhancement process; and choose the right output options for printed images, video, slide shows, and Web viewing.

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2 thoughts on “Adobe Photoshop for Underwater Photographers”

  1. Eye-Opening But Requires You to Work and Think Good book, well laid out, my only complaint is that way too much space is given to non Adobe add-ons.The book is written for someoine with basic knowledge of Photoshop (doesn’t matter which version) who wants to fix specific problems with their underwater photos. Some of the fixes are a little gimmicky, like making it look like a flsh fired when it didn’t etc, but mostly good tips and help.The edition is a little dated still using a lot of film pictures (taken back in…

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