3 thoughts on “A Man Called Ove”

  1. “Gran Torino”-reminding Swedish film “A Man Called Ove” (2015 release from Sweden, 116 min.) brings the story of 59 yr. old Ove. As the movie opens, we see him bickering in a store over the price of flowers on his way to visit his wife Sonja’s grave. Not long thereafter, he is given the boot at work, after a 43 yr. career in train maintenance. This leaves him with plenty of time to do the rounds of the small (and traffic-free) community where he lives. Then a young family moves in across the street, not knowing the many…

  2. RATE THE FILM, not the fact your device can’t handle subtitles! This is a FIVE STAR film! One of my favorites books has now become one of my favorites movies. Very faithful and loving film adaptation. Follows the book probably more than any other film verision of a book I have ever seen. Funny, heartwarming, heartwrenching, everything you felt during the book, you will feel watching the movie. Even the housing development was how I pictured it. The acting is wonderful, especially all three actors that play Ove. The young adult Ove looks so similar to the present day Ove you can…

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