2 thoughts on “A Hologram For The King”

  1. A REALLY GOOD MOVIE!! I guess my husband and I saw a different movie than most of the other reviewers! We found this movie to be uniquely intriguing and an absolute journey into an unknown situation, just as Tom Hanks was experiencing. We did not find it to be political or a travelogue any more than his character did. He portrayed a middle aged man who was going through a difficult time in his life. His working situation only emphasized how out of sync he was with the real person inside. It was not a loud,…

  2. I have never seen a bad movie performance by Tom Hanks In my opinion, I have never seen a bad movie performance by Tom Hanks. The man has charisma, charm, confidence, benevolence, wise humor, and sex appeal! I loved this film as a portrayal of a man’s journey (like each of our own) in which he must face his internal demons, work through them, and come out the wiser of himself and the world in the end. The setting in Saudi Arabia was beautiful; the cultural contrast and the supporting characters were just right. Tom Hanks’ “love…

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