10,000 Miles to Go: An American Filmmaking Odyssey

‘10,000 Miles to Go: An American Filmmaking Odyssey’ focuses on the making of the award winning contemporary feature film (‘Terrific’ – LA Times * ‘Superb’ – NY Film Critics Circle * ‘Hilarious’ – The New Yorker * ‘Utterly Compelling’ – Jacksonville Film Journal), ‘BookWars’, a no-budget project which was successfully bootstrapped against monumental odds with near-zero funding, yet which finally found its way into the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), NYC, films collection! From concept through worldwide international sales, ‘10,000 Miles to Go’ takes you through through the entire process – warts and all – stripping away the glamour of the movie business to reveal what it takes to bootstrap and execute an ambitious startup creative project with maximum impact on a minimal budget! An essential book about filmmaking, movie and video directing, film editing, scriptwriting and production, ‘10,000 Miles to Go’ is also a book which any startup entrepreneur or creative will find absolutely revealing and illuminating. ‘10,000 Miles to Go’ is a fascinating and insightful read for all kinds of bootstrappers and entrepreneurs, whether working in media, business, creative fields, or tech startup areas! Told in a conversational and often humorous style, ‘10,000 Miles to Go’ is a real life chronicle and expression of what many of today’s creative and entrepreneurial types—in all fields—will encounter as they pursue their own particular dreams, ambitions, and explorations without much in the way of financial backing, safety nets, or safe-words for that matter. With this book you will learn:

  • How to understand the mindset and challenges of bootstrapping a project
  • How to use creativity and an asymmetrical (‘guerilla’) approach in place of money
  • How to overcome psychological barriers, fear and doubt during the process
  • How to navigate the ‘realpolitik’ behind a project’s execution: the alliances, and the real dynamics of competition in the field
  • How to demystify the production process of a long form filmmaking venture
  • How to apply bootstrapping principles to your own business or project
  • How to exploit opportunities to the maximum, whatever field you may be working in!
  • How technological changes in any industry can have a massive impact on outcomes

NOTE: This text is based upon real, unfiltered discussions with filmmaker and writer-director Jason Rosette (www.jasonrosette.com). All material is from the entrepreneur-filmmaker’s point of view–this book includes plenty of exclusive stories you definitely won’t hear at film school! Whether making a film, a movie, writing a book, undertaking an edit of a production, readers will learn what really goes into the shoot of a film or video project, and what it takes to direct as a filmmaker. This edition of ‘10,000 Miles to Go’ also includes exclusive stills, photos, and images in a dedicated gallery at the end of the book This is a book on filmmaking for real indie filmmakers, allowing the maker to capture with a camera and effectively transmit a vision onto the screen – whether a project involves a lot of editing, a new director still learning techniques, or a seasoned producer shooting a script or slate of movies for digital distribution.

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3 thoughts on “10,000 Miles to Go: An American Filmmaking Odyssey”

  1. Great journey into the life and mind of a passionate indie filmmaker Finished this in one day when my internet went down. It was a fascinating ride through the mind and life of a bootstrapping indie filmmaker. I always enjoy the how-to of a production, the behind the scenes. It is truly amazing to me the dedication one needs to complete a film all alone. The journey was exciting even as I know the outcome. And I love how the device of the narrative is explained. I haven’t seen BookWars in a while and forgot details. WHat I loved about that doc is that it…

  2. Must Read for fans of “Book Wars” or documentry films in general. Any fan of the great documentary “Book Wars” by Jason Rosette or loves documentary film should read 10,000 miles to go. The author gives an insider view of independent film making in the days before Camera Phones and Laptop Editing. Jason explains the dedication and pitfalls of trying to produce a film on no budget as well as explaining some of the intricacies of sidewalk book selling in New York City and the challenges of filming that world. The author also bravely talks about…

  3. An invaluable case study in pursuing the American Dream I read this book in one sitting intrigued by the story of Jason Rosette and his mission to bring his documentary film “Bookwars” to completion despite formidable obstacles. I recommend it to all those embarking on an artistic or entrepreneurial career. Mr. Rosette will quickly dispel any illusions that it will be smooth sailing for any but those well-connected. I recommend it also to those who have already been through the mill, for they will see their own struggles reflected in…

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